Student Ministry

Reach Student Ministries

Student Pastor

Joe Rohde (


Who we are:

Reach is the student ministry of Harvest Time Bible Church reaching out to middle and high school students (7th-12th Grade) of the Sauk Valley area.


Why we meet:

Reach meets for one reason: to see all students learn to love God, love people, and do something about it!


When we meet:

Sunday Mornings – 9:45am – One of the most important aspects of our student ministry is to love other people by building community. So Sunday mornings we get together over coffee and discuss different perspectives on tough life issues, and look at what the Bible has to say about them.

Sunday Nights – 6:30pm – Our Sunday night ministry’s goal is to help students learn to love God. Small group and large group prayer, praise and worship songs, and follow up from the morning discussions are the typical activities you will find if you visit Reach Student Ministries on a Sunday night.

Wednesday Nights – 6:30pm – Learning to love God and learning to love people are awesome things, but just these are not enough to make a mature follower of Jesus. Students are encouraged on Wednesday nights to find a place to learn to serve, or “do something” about their love for God and people. From planning retreats, to serving the community, there is a place for every student!